Dr. Julie A. Lyle

At the completion of high school in Santa Monica, California, Julie (Juls) was voted “Most Likely to be a Child Psychologist.”  That endorsement paved the path to Cal State University, Northridge completing two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Child Development and Psychology.  After graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from the University of Arizona, Julie longed for salty coastal breezes and returned home to Southern California, completing intern hours to receive her LMFT (licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) while concurrently serving as the Clinical Director of a North San Diego County chemical dependency clinic.

Professional Career

With a growing number of community contacts, Julie opened her consulting business, offering counseling services to school districts, social service agencies and private business.  A passion for intervention with at risk youth inspired her to create the STRIVE (Student Training in Innovative Vocational Education) program, utilizing federal job training funds to help teens be job ready while completing their high school diploma, for which she received the San Diego’s Counselor of the Year (1996) award.

Julie opened up her private practice to offer specialized therapy focusing on women’s emotional health.  And, in 1999, Julie received her Doctorate in Psychology (Psy. D.) from the American Behavioral Studies Institute in Tustin, California, combining a decade of her clinical experience with theoretical study in healing trauma for women.

In  2000, she received a new name, Mom, which ignited a quest for exploring “the disappearing self” in the midst of diapers and day to day demands.  She was flooded with female clients, along with her own voice, speaking to issues of confused contentment, purpose and balance.  Inspired to bring women together, Dr. Juls developed Essential Women Discovery programs, uniting women in small and large groups to dig deep to explore stormy hurts, buried dreams and to unearth intrinsic treasures.

While on a creative retreat with a dear childhood friend, Julie was digging deep to capture the vibrant spirit of women in search of purpose and satisfaction.  Aha… Ahoy and Pirate Sisters (PS) was launched!  Blending the themes from Essential Women Discovery  programs and with humor, insight and a steadfast dedication to healing, PS events guide women safe passage as they embark on a journey to discover their unique, and precious, value.

For many years, the focus of  Julie’s work has been with women, yet during the past few years, undoubtedly as a result of raising her son, Dr. Juls is pleased to expand her clinical expertise to increasingly more men.  Focusing on the complexities of  the role of professional/husband/partner/father/son and how to incorporate the need for emotional awareness and health, Dr. Juls encourages her male clients to examine all aspects of their lives.

When not meeting with clients,  conducting workshops or writing,  Julie  relishes time spent with family, gardening (pulling weeds and swearing at them), redecorating rooms, devouring a good book, giggling with friends, boogie boarding with her son and charting the next course as a Pirate Sister!