Dr. Julie A. Lyle

How to schedule an appointment?

To schedule an initial appointment, please send an inquiry email (jalyle@drjuls.com) or leave a voicemail (760-945-7383).  Your request will be responded to within two (2) business days.

How long are the appointments and what is the cost?

Initial 60-65 minute appointment – $150

Individual appointment options:

  • 55 minute sessions – $135
  • 75 minute sessions – $150

Relationship/Family appointment

  • 90 minute sessions – $175

Telephone Consultation

  • 30 minute “check in” – $50
  • 55 minute session – $100


How often do we meet?

The frequency of meeting and the type of session (55 vs. 75 vs. 90 min) will be determined following the assessment.  For cohesiveness, sessions scheduled weekly are most effective during the first weeks/months of therapy.

How is payment received?

Cash, check and credit cards are accepted.  Credit card numbers are kept on file and charged following the session.  Health Savings and Flex Spending Accounts are accepted.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Schedules can get impacted and changing an appointment may be necessary.  Please give every effort to provide a 24 hour notice to avoid the $75 fee for a late cancellation or missed appointment.

Is United Behavioral Health/Optum Insurance accepted?

This is the only insurance plan in which Dr. Lyle continues to be an In-Network provider.  Only 45-50 minute sessions are routinely covered by mental health coverage plans.

How do private pay services work?

Clients pay for each session at the time of service with cash or check.  If a credit card is on file, then payment for the session is charged within the week of service and the client is notified with an email confirmation of payment.

Clients may have mental health coverage which allows for Out-of-Network services. At the end of each session, or monthly, whichever  is preferable, the client will receive what is called a “super bill” receipt for services from Dr. Lyle.  This will include all relevant information required to attach to the claim if seeking out-of-network reimbursement.

In order to verify if the existing insurance plan might reimburse for a portion of private pay fees, clients are encouraged to contact their insurance company and ask the following:

1)      Does your plan allow for reimbursement for an out-of-network behavioral health provider and services? And if so, will the plan allow for reimbursement payments to be sent directly to you, the client.

2)      Does the plan cover out-of-network behavioral health benefits for service codes (CPT) such as 90834, 90837 and 90847?

3)      Does the plan have a deductible? The private payments may apply to your deductible, yet you need to verify if this is allowed in you plan.

4)      If your plan does allow for out-of-network services, verify what claim form is to be used and if this claim will allow for direct reimbursement to you, the client.  Since you have paid for the counseling services, any reimbursement payments need to be sent to you directly.  If a check is sent to Dr. Lyle, then this represents a duplicate payment and may take weeks to correct with your insurance company.    

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