Love Able by Julie A. Lyle

Love Able: A Poetic Journey About How to Love

Published December 3, 2023
by Julie A. Lyle PsyD (Author)
Kelly Zijlstra (Illustrator)
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This anthology potluck spans three decades and invites the reader to sample, savor and digest over 50 poems about being able to love others, nature and oneself. From the poetic lens of the author’s journey to learn about love, the ever-changing landscape of life’s seasons unfolds. From age 18, living abroad and longing for her first love, the disillusionment of a first marriage only to awaken to the joy of finding enduring partnership with unequivocal joy in becoming a mother to the agonizing heartbreak from the sudden death of a cherished parent.

In Love Able, Julie (Juls) shares observational prose originating from her unique life experiences. Each poem is a space of discovery as the reader seeks their own meaning in being able to endure and celebrate the challenges and joys of love and being “love able.”