“I’ve have seen other therapists and have never experienced what I did when I began to see Julie. I came to her hoping to find a way to deal with leaving my painful marriage. I brought with me a lifetime of hurt and confusion. I was abused as a child, had been through some awful relationships and was at the point in my life where I could not find joy. Julie knew how to be gentle when I needed it. She is insightful and listens with more than just her head.  She always seemed to know when it was time for me to move on.  I didn’t like letting go when it was time to do it on my own but she did just the right thing.  Its often said that therapists want you to come in week after week, year after year but Julie helps those of us with broken wings learn how to fly.” Catherine, 48

Catherine, 48

“Julie Lyle has been a wonderful asset to me by helping me become the woman I want to be. She is very insightful to the many roles and emotions we as women have. She always seems to put things in clear perspective for me, I always leave there knowing what I need to do and how easy it really is to get those things accomplished after talking to her. She is a very warm and inviting person, she makes you feel like you are talking to an old best friend, not a professional.” Linda, 43

Linda, 43

“I have worked with Julie off and on for the last ten years.  Her attentive, energetic, and caring personality combined with her experience and education make her someone I know I can go to for what is needed to resolve or move forward from an issue.  Whether it be humor, thought provoking inquiry, or a swift dose of reality, she always helps me bring myself back to the emotionally self-sufficient person I have become.”   Carrie, 48

Carrie, 48