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Invitation from Dr. Juls

“What progress, you ask, have I made? I have begun to be a
friend to myself.” Greek philosopher

You are invited to rediscover and deepen the most
valuable friendship in your life, with the person who
stands before you in the mirror.

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As a talented licensed psychotherapist, Dr. Julie A. Lyle has dedicated over 30 years to the art of helping people help themselves.

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Discover your “fearless compass” to help courageously guide you in relationship challenges, career confusion, or altering unhealthy patterns of self care.

Pirate Sisters

A pirate sister is essential, brave and lives IN-credibility and does not demean her life with blame, doubt, remorse, hopelessness, rigidity, and fear.


As a licensed psychotherapist, I have spent 30 years weaving experience and wisdom from thousands of hours with clients seeking clarity, healing and hope. These women and men have arrived to the counseling “couch” grappling with a question: are they worthy or lovable due to experiencing rejection, loss, betrayal, shame, neglect and regrets? Healing comes in all shapes and sizes yet with one distinct, constant truth …in order to befriend oneself, emotional wounds must be healed. To embark on this repair; courage, curiosity and comfort are necessary tools. To strive for contentment; kindness, clarity and patience must be cultivated.
- Dr. Juls

More About Dr. Juls

Julie opened up her private practice to offer specialized therapy focusing
on women's emotional health. And, in 1999, Julie received her Doctorate in Psychology
(Psy. D.) from the American Behavioral Studies Institute in Tustin, California, combining
a decade of her clinical experience with theoretical study in healing trauma for women.


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