Our Strategies

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become. Carl Jung

Men are welcoming the opportunity to deepen their understanding of themselves, relationships and purpose.  No longer is it “weak” to self-reflect and expand emotional bandwidth,  it is a valuable aspect of individual empowerment and discovery.  Dr. Juls encourages men to stretch themselves introspectively and relationally, to create greater satisfaction, success and pride in their lives. What brings men to counseling?

Divorce challenges

Parenting demands

Professional stagnation

Quest for meaning and vibrancy

Relationship issues

Navigating emotions

Wounds from childhood and family dynamics



Julie is exceptional at listening and providing invaluable feedback that hasfundamentally transformed my life.One of her strengths is providingperspective to challenging situations and providing nuggets of wisdom that Ican apply to my life and see significant results.She has been a force for goodin my life as a teacher and therapist.

-Steve, 46