Covid-19 Pandemic: A Time to Pause and Discover

Stop leaving
And you will arrive.
Stop searching
And you will see.
Stop running away and
You will be found.

Just as lettered plastic ping pong balls tumble in a spinning Bingo cage, a million words are bouncing in my head, waiting to be called out. I have been hungry for words during the past week—scientific words to explain, brave words to ease fear, tender words to bring comfort, lighthearted words to bolster a heavy mood. My guess is this quote did not originate in response to a pandemic! Yet, it spoke to me, as I hope it does for you.

Stop leaving. We have been stopped from leaving, coming, going, mingling, dining out, embracing, and on and on. We have arrived where we live, looking into the hours, days and weeks of being on our own or side by side with family members. This arrival beckons projects, games, creativity, meals, work, movies, conversations and decisions on how best to fill this time with meaning, connection and endurance.

Stop searching. Often a search for our value and belonging is woven within our vocations, recreation, socializing, and busyness. Now without these external means of fulfillment, we are forced to stop and see our lives up close. This standstill vision can be an opportunity to focus on ignored or untended areas of your home, self and relationships.

Stop running away. So much of our hectic pace, schedules and running, keep us on a rapidly paced conveyor belt of life. Often the “have to do’s” propel us to run away from our hearts’ desire, dreams and yes, true self. Which begs the question? How will you be found? What will you discover, uncover, foster, acknowledge and bravely examine in this paused and still place?

Dig deep to sustain patience, find creative avenues and confidence to face each chapter of this challenge.